Chrissy Teigen Mocks Body-Shamer Over Baby Comment

Photo: Everett Collection/Rex USA.
Body shaming someone is never okay, but if you're going to do it, you at least might want to get your facts straight. Otherwise, you look like a terrible person and an idiot. Fortunately, Chrissy Teigen has a great sense of humor, and couldn't resist poking fun at a Team Curtains commenter who was unimpressed by the supermodel's topless shoot for W magazine. The "fan" had this to say: "I like Chrissy, sometimes lol other times yes she's annoying but I like that she's like F it that baby Fd my body up but so what." This is the part when you scratch your head and ask, When did Chrissy Teigen have a baby? (She didn't.) How is her body in the least bit fucked up? (It's not.) Oh, people. Next time cross-reference your "facts" with some old copies of Us Weekly. At least Teigen is game to laugh it off by sharing the absurd comment. #NoBaby is our new favorite hashtag, by the way. (E! News)

I can't stop laughing #thatbabyfuckedupmybodybutsowhat #nobaby

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