What Real New Yorkers Think Of Photoshopped “Bikini Bodies”

Since the start of the summer (and the advent of "bikini body" season), countless New Yorkers' commutes have been inundated with ads from British nutritional supplement company Protein World. Calling these ads "body-shaming" doesn't even feel harsh enough. In fact, this campaign has been banned in the U.K. These ads already have a controversial rep, and we wanted to know exactly what you thought about them. So we took to the streets of NYC. In the video above, you'll hear people call the ads "kind of ridiculous," express concern over the message they send to young people, and more. We even tried one of the company's protein shakes; as a brave sampler stated, "it has a taste." To quote one reaction to the ad: "'Beach-body ready' — what does that really mean?" We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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