Zendaya Is (Once Again) Having To Defend Her Hair

Photo: Cindy Barrymore/Rex/REX USA.
At the risk of cueing up some tiny violins, it truly must be exhausting to be Zendaya. She gets invited to an awards show, takes great pains to look her best, and then gets bombarded with criticism from, say, E! reporters and the Twittersphere. Can she live?

Though it's nowhere near as dramatic as Giuliana Rancic's comments about the young star's dreadlocks earlier this year, Zendaya is still fielding shade about her hairstyles. Last night that involved criticism over the pixie wig she rocked to the BET Awards. It was chic in an early-'90s Demi Moore / Halle Berry sense, but not everyone was feeling it. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but there's no excuse for rudeness.

We won't repeat some of the nastier tweets, simply because they're mean. We will, however, share the response Zendaya posted online, accompanied by a photo of her embracing her sassy and short 'do. She also retweeted a note of praise from Laverne Cox. and spent much of the BET Awards live-tweeting love to Janet Jackson and Faith Evans, among others. Too bad not everyone can share her positive attitude.

Girl, you do you. There's simply no pleasing everyone.

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