These Mind-Controlled Robots Will Blow Your Mind

A team of European engineers have crafted a telepresence system that allows users to control wireless robots…with their brains! No, this isn't a scary Arnold Schwarzenegger movie – the recently unveiled system has a much greater purpose. The mind-controlled bots aim to help the physically impaired break down barriers and complete previously difficult tasks. The system allows users to translate their thoughts into commands, which are subsequently sent to and performed by wireless robots. "Over the last years we have been developing brain-computer interfaces for people who suffer different motor disabilities," José del R. Millán, an engineer from Switzerland's École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne explained. "They can translate their mental intentions into commands for the robots that will execute them in an autonomous way." The engineers conducted the study on nine subjects living with with motor disabilities. The participants were able to control the robot from their homes in various countries throughout Europe, including Germany and Italy. The scientists found that the subjects were able to command the robot with ease and witnessed their quality of life improve. Watch the video below to see how this new amazing technology works. Prepare for mind = blown.

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