Your Horoscope For This Week — Jun 28 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Be still, thy beating booming with Super Bass heart! This week, a tag team of super-sizer Jupiter and amorous Venus lovebombs the world. The two passionate planets sail alongside each other all week, making an exact connection on Wednesday. Let it all hang out in love, stargazers. Jupiter pours us shots of truth serum, while Venus gifts us with charm and diplomacy. Buckle up: Relationships can take off at a galloping pace under these stars! One minute you’re sending sexy Snapchats, and the next you’re co-signing a lease. It might be wise to take things a little slower than you’d prefer.

There’s also a full moon on Wednesday in success-obsessed Capricorn. This is the day to take a bold and daring leap. It could, quite literally, pay off: in stacks on stacks on STACKS of cash. The Fourth of July is Saturday, and the moon will be in weird, wonderful Aquarius. Fly that freak flag alongside Old Glory — turn your BBQ into a quirky costume party. More is always merrier under an Aquarius moon, so make like Biggie and "Tell your friends to get with my friends / And we can be friends."

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