15 Classic Stephen King Scenes That Terrified Us

When it comes to terrifying storytelling, Stephen King still reigns supreme. The horror legend’s first novel Carrie debuted in 1974, and proved that teenage girls can be as scary as we remember from our own high school days. Since then, King has crafted dozens of equally fear-provoking tales, and in doing so, has supplied filmmakers and television producers with plenty of raw, creepy material.
One of King’s most recent adaptations is the CBS series Under The Dome, which premieres its third season on June 25, and has already featured plenty of King’s unique brand of chills and thrills across its two seasons. But, being trapped in a dome is nothing compared to killer dogs, religious fanatics, and throngs of Aryan children taking over entire towns. Here are 15 of the scariest moments from King’s novels and their adaptations, all of which had us afraid to turn off the lights.

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