Why This "Sinful" Chobani Yogurt Ad Is Prompting Calls For A Boycott

"What does selling yogurt have to do with gay sex?" asks rage-filled Christian group One Million Moms in their latest press release. They're referring to a new ad by Greek yogurt company that features a lesbian couple — and they're furious about it, urging members to boycott.

The Chobani ad, like any good yogurt commercial, is super sexy. (Yogurt's clearly the most libidinous dairy product.) In it, a woman sits in bed, clearly naked, eating some Chobani and sensually licking the spoon. She turns over and starts tickling her bedmate's feet, who — reveal! — is also a naked woman.
One Million Moms protested the ad this week under the banner "Chobani's Attempt To Normalize Sin." They object to the spot mostly on the grounds that the Bible calls gay sex sinful, but also in that it's too sexy for TV.

The group is an offshoot of the conservative American Family Association that focuses on what it calls "the trash in today's media" — mostly ads they find too sexual or those with non-Christain themes (like homosexuality). The group is ambitiously named (their Facebook group has 72K "likes"), but not totally irrelevant. Its parent group, the AFA, raised $28 million in 2014, and owns dozens of radio stations in several states.

The upshot is, if you'd needed another excuse to eat Chobani, now you've got one. Call it a counter-boycott.

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