Pizza Hut’s New Box Turns Your Phone Into A Movie Projector

Photo: Courtesy of Ogilvy & Mather group
This is so cool. Movies in and pizza are a no-brainer, right? Design Boom reports that Pizza Hut has come up with a way to make it even more fun, with a new box that allows you to project anything from your smartphone onto a wall for an old-school movie night. How does it work? Well, that little table-like thing that is placed in the center of most pizza boxes to stop the cardboard from sagging into your pizza is a lens in these boxes. You poke out a hole in the side of the cardboard box and pop the lens in, then position your phone inside the box and press play (please take the pizza out first). The boxes even come with a download code for a free movie. The bad news is, the projector boxes are currently only available in Hong Kong, but maybe if we keep asking for them when we order that hot dog crust pizza, they'll launch them in the US.

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