8 Things You Need to Know This AM — Jun 14 2015

Cue the waterworks: Taylor Swift donated $15,000 to help the firefighter who saved his wife and son pay the family's medical bills. (Buzzfeed)
Nearly every state in the U.S. taxes tampons. Find out if where you live makes you pay for your period. (Fusion)
This high school senior was accepted to 26 universities and offered nearly $3 million in scholarships. Can you say bad ass? (ABC News)
Don't worry Chris Pratt fans, he's already signed on for a Jurassic World sequel. (Entertainment Weekly)
Spoiler alert: It looks like Kaitlyn Bristowe may have inadvertently revealed The Bachelorette winner via Snapchat. (Cosmopolitan)
Because someone had to decide if Passport to Paris was better than Billboard Dad, we give you the definitive ranking of all of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's movies. (E Online)
People actually compete to see who can blow the biggest vapor cloud. Competitive vaping is now an actual sport. We are officially fearful for the youth of America. (The Daily Dot)
Elizabeth Forbes makes $1.5 billion more than Oprah. She's also the youngest woman to top Forbes' America's 50 Richest Self-Made Women list. You go, girl. (PureWow)

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