You Can Only Hear This Album If You're In A Forest

Photo: Courtesy John Moose.
Oh, musicians — always finding clever ways to one-up each other's album releases. The Wu-Tang Clan recently announced that the band is only producing one copy of the upcoming Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album. Back in 2013, Beyonce surprised everyone and dropped a batch of new songs and videos without any warning. And, Beck released his Song Reader as a book of sheet music. Now, Swedish folk band John Moose are unveiling a debut album that will only be available for listening when you're in a forest.

That's right: To hear it, first you have to download the band's app for iOS or Android. Then, the app uses your GPS location and Google Maps to figure out where you are. It won't let you play the album until you've walked into the boundaries of some forest, somewhere. Much of the album's content circles around man's relationship with nature, so we guess the forest requirement makes sense? (Although, when we're hiking through the woods, we kind of enjoy listening to the wind and the birds.)

If you don't have time to dash into the trees, the John Moose album is available for download, too. (The forest-only option launched first, as a way to give fans a unique, tailored, audio and visual experience in advance.) The app is free; all it costs is a trip into the fresh air — something we could all probably use.

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