This Creepy Doll Actually Sunburns To Teach Kids About Sunscreen

Trying to rub sunscreen on a small child is a little like...trying to rub sunscreen on a small child. After a lot of whining (and, in some cases, kicking, yelling, and screaming), you might be able to get them covered — only to have them beeline for a wave, 20-minute suggested waiting period be damned. But, as we all know, it's really important to protect kids' sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays. And Nivea just found a way to make it more fun. Nivea has teamed up with ad agency FCB Brasil to create a UV-sensitive doll that helps teach children about the dangers of the sun. It works like this: When the doll is exposed to the sun without sunscreen, it quickly turns red. But, if the child applies sunscreen to the doll, its skin tone doesn't change. The doll also immediately turns from red back to its normal shade once you apply lotion to the burn, which isn't the most realistic scenario (at all), but we think the message is still clear. This is an easy, fun, and pretty genius way of showing kids the importance of applying sunscreen — even if it is through somewhat creepy-looking dolls. "Protecting and caring is something we learn from an early age. This emotional bond is what this Nivea action offers," said Joanna Monteiro, creative vice president at FCB Brasil, in a statement to AdWeek. "Through the magic of technology, children can see the sun's effect on the skin of the doll." Unfortunately, the doll isn't available for purchase yet, but here's hoping we'll see them rolled out for summer. Partly so we can freak out our coworkers.

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