Some Louisiana Schools Are Using The Bible To Teach Science

Though the separation of church and state has been upheld time and time again in the Supreme Court, there are places who take it as a mere suggestion. Some students at Louisiana public schools are using the Bible, specifically the Book of Genesis, to learn creationism. And they may never learn about evolution. At all. According to Slate, the Louisiana Science Education Act, passed in 2008, allows science teachers in the state to supplement the curriculum with books and materials that "critique" evolution. Despite being allowed in Louisiana, these lessons are actually illegal under federal law. "We know that one in eight high school biology teachers advocate for creationism, even though it's unconstitutional," Josh Rosenau of the National Center for Science Education told the site. The Louisiana Senate Education Committee has voted several times on the matter since 2010. The most recent vote, however, saw legislators in favor (four to three) of keeping this creationism mindset in classrooms. "My job is to present both [evolution and creationism]" because "God made science," fifth-grade magnet school teacher Charlotte Hinson wrote in a column for the Shreveport Times.
And she's not the only teacher to echo this sentiment. Nonetheless, until someone decides to bring the matter before the Supreme Court, it looks like Bibles will still be considered textbooks in Louisiana.

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