Ariana Grande's Dogs Were "Almost Murdered" During A Border Crossing

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First Johnny Depp's dogs get kicked out of Australia, now this.

Ariana Grande's mom, Joan, and the singer's two pups — Siruis and Toulouse — were attempting to enter the U.K. via P&O Ferries when they hit a major snafu. Despite the fact that the dogs had been both vaccinated and declared, ferry staff put Joan made Joan jump through a number of harrowing hoops — which she detailed (and we mean detailed) in a Twitter post entitled "that time ariana grande's dogs were almost murdered."

"I was very happy to declare Toulouse and Sirius and proudly presented the documentation to prove that their vaccinations were all in order," wrote the "Problem" singer's mother. "We were, however, immediately stopped by the Boothman [sic] telling me that dogs are not allowed to transfer onto the Ferry in a bus. In shock, I explained that I am sure that is the policy, but the policy could not be referring to a private bus, that I have been living on and driving in for three weeks, but meant a public transport bus...

He responded in a dismissive and condescending manner, "I don't care, it says bus and this is a bus"... so, trying not to panic, I explained again, that there is no one from the general public on the bus and it is private transportation... but nevertheless, he refused us access, visibly finding pleasure in my misfortune."

Things only got worse from there. " He said the dogs must cross in a car, and a car ONLY and I must leave immediately and not board the Ferry. Upset because Ariana and Frankie had already left and were in line... I grew frustrated, and asked if a manager could please speak to me about this. I knew if I explained that a TOUR bus which is our home is transporting the dogs, it would not be the same as a BUS referred to in their policy."

She continued, "The manager approached and was already angry, it was almost 4am and I guess he wanted to go home. This man would not listen to reason, kept shrugging his shoulders and sneered, repeating: 'I don't care, this is the policy.' Feeling helpless at his lack of consideration and understanding, I then tried to come up with a solution. I asked him if I could please ask someone crossing in a car, if they could take me and the two dogs onto the Ferry... He said 'yes'... SO... my bus driver, one of Ariana's security guards (who was traveling with me) and I started approaching people asking if I could ride in with them... Finally 4 men (angels) in a blue Audi driving back to London from Amsterdam agreed... it just wasn't quite that simple.. the car was full, so I asked two of the men if they wouldn't mind riding on the Ferry in my Bus, while the dogs and I took up their seats... they kindly agreed... "

But, not even that act of kindness helped Joan get the situation under control. She put the dogs in crates; she bought the pups their own tickets; then the dogs were accused of not having a specific vaccine that they needed in order to get through — at which point Joan got out of the car to speak to the "Angry Manager" who told her the dogs still couldn't board the ferry because they weren't fully vaccinated for a virus that they would be given within five days of entering the U.K.

"At this point, helpless, desperate, panicked and alone, I began losing my mind….I went through the dates again, and he said NO again.. I showed him one more time, and he responded that he couldn't read Italian. I showed him where it was written in English.. BUT he still said NO again...THAT WAS IT!" she wrote. "I lost my composure... I am embarrassed to say that I became VERY VERY VERY angry.. and told him that HE WAS WRONG, he was holding me and the dogs hostage from my family and he was taking GREAT PLEASURE in doing so... He single handedly was detaining me in France for NO REASON and AGAINST MY WILL! I begged him to let me go through, he laughed at me and said NO again... I kept telling him and showing him again that the dogs were fully vaccinated and were 100% vaccinated in order to enter the UK.. AND THEN, I screamed!!! I had done EVERY RIDICULOUS TASK he demanded of me.... and at this point he said he would call the POLICE and have me arrested if I tried to go through.. I told him to call them and to arrest me, because that was the only way I was not getting on the Ferry... "

Well, in the end, Joan ran with the pups back to Ariana's bus, yelling: “Take me away with the dogs and I will sue you for abuse and harassment, but go ahead, I will go with you."

Then, she claims, "One man in a yellow jacket said to me, “If you take the dogs, when you arrive in Dover, they will be KILLED!” Due to his French accent, I wasn’t 100% certain of what he said, so I asked him to repeat it… he said the DOGS WOULD BE KILLED!.. I actually thought I disengaged from my body as tears started streaming down my face, and I felt as if I were losing my mind!!! I told him that they would have to KILL ME FIRST and we would see what the US EMBASSY would say about that…"

This story ends in a recommendation for European dog passports (what?), some snarky tweets from Grande, and the dog's eventual arrival in London. You can read the entire thing for yourself here. Frankly, it sent out stress levels soaring.

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