Johnny Depp's Tiny Dogs Are In Serious Trouble Down Under

Photo by: Adam Armstrong/Newspix/Rex/REX USA
We knew Johnny Depp was capable of stopping traffic, but who knew his adorable little Yorkies were capable of destroying an entire country?

Yes, we’re exaggerating. But there will be serious consequences if Depp and his wife Amber Heard don’t immediately evacuate their two Yorkie terriers out of Australia by May 16. Depp and Heard brought their dogs, Boo and Pistol, along with them when traveling to Queensland on a private jet last month. Now, the country’s Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce is threatening to have the dogs destroyed if they don’t leave in two days.

And Joyce seriously needs Depp’s phone number.

“I personally as a minister don't have Mr. Depp's phone number, nor does he have mine," Joyce tells the BBC. Australia has strict laws against bringing animals into the country without being properly quarantined. He claims that Depp and Heard neglected to declare Boo and Pistol to customs when they arrived.

According to TMZ, Joyce adds that wild dogs can kill over 40 sheep in one night if they’re not accounted for. Thankfully, he says that he's been assured by people in his department that the pups are heading back to the U.S. shortly.

There must be a Disney movie in this, somehow. Perhaps Boo and Pistol can have a wild and crazy (but not too crazy!) adventure down under, with Depp and Heard voicing the leads? Just a thought.

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