Leandra Medine Makes Gym Clothes You Don’t Have To “Style”

When we heard that Leandra Medine partnered with Outdoor Voices, an athletic wear company looking to make gym clothes cool, we just assumed the pieces would be meant for everyday wear. You know, the way Medine so famously mixes and matches denim and sneakers, heels and silk scarves, and bathing suit tops into put-together ensembles.
When we spoke to the blogger-cum-designer, however, we were told that instead of disguising her collection with non-athletic wear, you're meant to keep the items "the same way they're styled for the gym." Medine said, "Isn't that the fun of fitness wear? That you don't necessarily have to think about 'styling' it?" Indeed, the navy-and-gray patchwork pieces — leggings and a matching sports bra — need no clever camouflaging to look purposeful.
The pieces come as part of a kit, meaning for $250 you can purchase the gym gear along with a canvas tote, a cropped(ish) T-shirt, a jump rope, a leather ice-pop charm, and a bar of artisanal banana and cayenne chocolate. (You'll need to refuel after doing your new workout gear proud.) Click through to see pics of the brand-new kit collab, available now. If you need some inspiration to put them to good use, try Medine's favorite summer exercise, plank janks: "that cool thing when you're in plank position and are jumping your legs together then outward." Sounds advanced.

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