20 So You Think You Can Dance Routines That Make You FEEL Things

"Dance is the only art wherein we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made," reads a very popular poster that hangs on the walls of countless dance studios around the world (the one where I spent my formative years included). As cliché as it sounds, it's absolutely true. So You Think You Can Dance has proven the adage time and time again.
Ever since it exploded onto the reality competition scene in the summer of 2005, SYTYCD separated itself from other shows by the sheer level of artistry. During nationwide casting calls, aspiring dancers with years and years of training, in various styles, have one minute to impress a panel of judges. Some of the joke auditions are just that, and we all enjoy watching someone waste Nigel Lythgoe's time. Once the top 20 dancers are selected, however, it's game time.
Week after week, the dancers have to memorize and perform breathtaking choreography. As the seasons progressed, it became increasingly important that each routine tell a story, and some of the topics addressed include addiction, unrequited love, cancer, and death. The dancers and choreographers made these numbers evoke feelings you didn't even know were possible through movement alone.
Watch these 20 stunning routines before the season 12 premiere tonight. They may not get you on the hot tamale train, but they will take you straight to Chills City. Hello feelings, my old friend.

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