This Sex History Calculator Breaks Down Your Bedroom Behavior

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
Maybe you and your high school sweetheart are still going strong. Maybe you're partial to the odd one-night stand or sexy fling. Maybe neither applies to you. But, aren't you just the teensiest bit curious as to how your sexual history stacks up against your peers? That's where Slate's sex history calculator comes in. Pop in your age, your gender, and your number of sexual partners (be honest!), then wait to see where your bedroom experience ranks you among people of your gender and age. Apparently, millennials have an average of eight sexual partners in a lifetime, compared to 10 for Generation X-ers and 11 for baby boomers. The data, pulled from the General Social Survey and based on responses from some 13,000 people, shows that men tend to sleep with more people than women. Unless, of course, they're fudging the numbers. Ultimately, none of this is anybody's business but your own. Your number may be high, or it may be low, but it's all about you doing you. Or doing other people. Or — whatever, you know what we mean. (Slate)

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