This Is Seriously The Most Bizarre Bachelorette Moment Ever

Image courtesy of ABC
Amy Schumer stopped by The Bachelorette for a quick cameo last week, and totally took a "turd" dude down. But — after overwhelmingly positive reception from fans — is ABC toiling with the idea of making her a more permanent guest?

Tuesday night, The Bachelorette / The Bachelor series producer Robert Mills sent a tweet into the universe asking Schumer to join the show.

"OK here is the official offer to @amyschumer to become #TheBachelorette," Mills wrote. "Just say yes and we start tomorrow. #DraftAmy."

Fans are clearly on board — and, for a moment, it seemed like maybe Schumer was, too. The comedian quickly tweeted back "Here I come!" along with the hilarious photo below.
She didn't stop there, either. The next post was a little more obviously tongue-in-cheek, and purposely made it clear that Schumer is an atypical pick for the show. (Amy, we actually think you look adorable in this photo, if you're reading this).
Finally, she shut down the back-and-forth with a video of her snuggling a dog. "I'm already seeing someone," read the caption. From the looks of things, it's a very serious relationship.

It seems totally bizarre that ABC would make this overture: Either Robert Mills is a hilarious jokester, with an attuned sense of irony, or he's interested in capturing an audience that loves Amy, and wouldn't be caught dead watching The Bachelorette. Although, it's possible that both those things could be true at the same time. Time will tell.

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