Hillary Clinton’s Ironic Throw Pillow (& More Great Campaign Swag)

Back in the olden days, if you supported a candidate for president, you wore a little pin on your bag. Those days are over. For 2016's contenders, the race to put out the best merchandise has become a sort of side sport. In April, The New York Times reported on Ted Cruz's lack of awesome swag as a legitimate problem. Rand Paul has built an online emporium that might be the answer to SkyMall's dissolution. This morning, Hillary Clinton climbed into the ring toting needlepoint and pantsuit-advocating T-shirts
We took the liberty of conducting a simple projection of how the candidates stack up, based on their campaign gear. From the swaggiest to the boring-est, a winner must be chosen. 
A number of folks who are still not "officially" running (we're looking at you, Jeb) don't have shops of their own yet. We look forward to updating this list when they do.

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