Jessica Alba Says She Was A "Hot Mess" In Her Twenties

Matt Baron/BEImages
These days, Jessica Alba seems like she's got life on lockdown. The model, actress, #GIRLBOSS, and mother is pretty much the epitome of chic — but, to hear her tell it, that's a relatively recent occurrence.

"I used to listen to stylists and makeup artists and hairdressers that I didn’t know that well, and they would just doll me up how they wanted to, and I would look crazy," she told HELLO! Fashion Monthly . "Basically anything before I was 24, I looked crazy, just wrong. There are lots of photos of me out there looking like a hot mess!”

Luckily, Alba came into her own along the way, and learned to listen to her instincts, eventually. "My idea of how I need to look has completely changed." Becoming a mom didn't hurt either, she explained, adding that having two little girls forever altered the way she feels about dieting. 

"I don’t feel any pressure to stay in shape for anyone else," the actress said. "When I was younger, I used to do the ‘body builder’ diet, which is awful. Everything is steamed and it’s just a handful of everything. I hated my life, it was so miserable! Having some sort of balance and moderation is key." 

Alba certainly isn't the first woman to say that her twenties were a rough sartorial time (we can definitely identify with that ourselves). But, it's good to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel: Big 3-0, here we come! 

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