Why Did Chrissy Teigen Roll Her Eyes At Iggy Azalea?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were just wrapping up their interview with Giuliana Rancic before Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards. As they began exchanging air kisses — the telltale sign that a red carpet conversation is ending — there was an eruption of screams, the entrance of Iggy Azalea, and then a signature eye roll from Teigen.  That two-second reaction has sparked a small debate on Twitter and among celebrity gossip publications: Did Teigen shade Azalea? Take a look at the footage. 
If this were Thursday Night Football, we'd be looking at a slow-motion replay from four different angles to see if the receiver's foot was actually over the line.  Here's the thing: Teigen pretty unabashedly delivers shade. (Please consider exhibits A, B, and C.) So, it wouldn't be a stretch to say she openly rolled her perfect eyes at Azalea. But, Teigen also doesn't throw shade when it's unwarranted. If you listen to the clip, you'll hear a cluster of teenaged screams that likely prompted her reaction. This appears to be an intolerance for the soundtrack of adolescence — not Azalea herself.  Teigen's probably rolling her eyes the same way you did when you realized you couldn't go to Papa Gino's on a Friday night anymore because it was overrun by loud youths. To quote the venerable Kim Kardashian, can she live?

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