Plan A Romantic Night In With The New Oreo Flavor & A Bottle Of Wine

Full disclosure: I'm something of an Oreo fanatic. Not only do I consider this stackable Oreo creation to be an acceptable wedding cake, but I've also tried every single flavor to date. Yes, even Cotton Candy. So, when I heard the rumor that the next limited edition Oreo flavor was going to be S'mores, I was beside myself. And, as it turns out, that cookie rumor was spot-on.  S'mores Oreos (or s'mOreos, as I like to call them) will hit stores beginning May 22. They feature a graham cracker cookie (for the first time in Oreo history) and two layers of creme filling: marshmallow and chocolate. Campfire optional. In celebration of this milestone (and just in case you're as smitten with Oreos as we are), we've got the perfect wine pairings (both of which are around $20) so you can enjoy a romantic night in — just you and the new s'mOreos. 
Photographed by Alexis Bynum
If you're looking for a red wine that pairs with chocolate, our resident wine expert suggests going for a Spanish tempranillo, which is rich and velvety with smoky notes of toasted oak. If it's a bottle of white you're after, try a roussanne. Its rich flavors of ripe fruit and nuts will complement the Oreo's chocolate and toasted marshmallow creme.  So, go ahead: Grab a blanket, find a movie on Netflix, pop open a bottle of wine, and snuggle up to your new cookie crush.

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