This May Be The Best (And Last) Oreo Cookie Leak

Photographed by Rebecca Smeyne.
Old (but still very, very thrilling) news: Cotton Candy Oreos are coming.  Less-old news: The mysterious Oreo shaman who went by the Instagram handle cookie0man has disappeared from social media like a bat in the night. Having previously leaked news of flavors like Red Velvet Oreos and S'mores Oreos, he was dubbed by some "the Deep Throat of junk food."  But, don't let that foil your plans for getting your hands on these wondrous babies: Nabisco has confirmed that its limited-edition treat — which takes on the exterior of a Golden Oreo, with a pink-and-blue-swirl filling — will indeed make it to your local supermarket. “It’s been brought to our attention that some of our top-secret Oreo flavors are leaking,” said company spokesman Alan Keane in an email to Marketwatch. “As we get to the bottom of these cookie leaks, we can only say time will tell when our next delicious flavor will hit shelves.” Resume your in-seat dance, and we'll see you in the cookie aisle. 

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