Kris, Khloé & Kylie Address Those "I'm So High" Rumors

Gregory Pace/BEImages
Kylie Jenner has been at the center of a lot of scrutiny lately. Between the Tyga drama, the lip filler thing, and the Snapchat debacle, she's made recent headlines for a range of less-than-flattering reasons. But, the Kardashian clan is rallying around the 17-year-old and totally writing off those drug rumors. This hilarious pic of Kris, Khloé, Kylie (and a couple others) chowing down on Popeyes fried chicken during what looks to be an airplane slumber party sends a crystal clear message: They couldn't care less what anyone thinks. 

The drug allegations being flung at Kylie have officially been blown out of proportion. First of all, she's a teenager — and how many teens haven't made the acquaintance of Mary Jane? Secondly, the Snapchat is clearly just about chowing down on some delicious fried food. While Khloé's Instagram post likely won't put this rumor to rest, we're glad they're having fun with it. It'll all die down soon enough, we hope. 

Popeyes and PJs!!!!!!

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