Police Allegedly Mace 10-Year-Old Child [Disturbing Video]

Photo: John Hart/AP Photo.
A 10-year-old child was maced in the face at a Minneapolis protest Wednesday, according to reports. The protest was over news that a police officer in nearby Madison wouldn't face charges for shooting and killing an unarmed young man.

The group, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, organized a protest Wednesday night over the killing of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, who's biracial, by white officer Matt Kenny in Madison, Wisconsin. In a statement on Twitter, the group alleges that police used pepper spray — at this point, there are conflicting reports on whether the officers were using mace or pepper spray — on the peaceful protesters, including a 10-year-old named Taye.
The Minneapolis police chief, Janee Harteau, tweeted that she's launching a "full & thorough" investigation into the night's events — though they have not yet confirmed that mace was used.

Photos and video from social media of the incident are below. They may be upsetting to some. 
On March 6, cops in Madison responded to calls that Tony Robinson was running through traffic and making threats. Officer Matt Kenny followed Robinson into a friend's apartment, and in the ensuing altercation, shot Robinson seven times, killing him. 

Earlier this week, Ismael Ozanne, Madison's attorney general, announced that the death was tragic, but that the officer had acted within the bounds of the law and would not be charged. Protests have continued in Madison and surrounding areas since.

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