Michael J. Fox's 20-Year-Old Twins Are SO Pretty

Because of their famous parents, we tend to see a lot of celebrity kids when they're young. On trips to the park, as red carpet dates — you get the gist. But, what happens when they get older? When it comes to Michael J. Fox's twin daughters, Schuyler and Aquinnah, they embrace their stellar genes and appear to live happy, regular lives. 

Thanks to Facebook, we've been able to check in with the ladies and get a small glimpse into their lives. The twins' pages are exactly what you'd expect: a handful of snaps of friends here, a few cover photos there, and of course profile pictures. Though, don't get too excited — their pages are private. 

From what we can tell, the two seem to be very close and are loving college. Schuyler attends Pomona College, and Aquinnah goes to Duke and is proudly supporting her friends who are running for spots in student government. Ah, those were the days. Click on to see the gorgeous girls. 

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