19 Iconic Hangout Spots From Our Favorite TV Series

If you've ever binge watched an entire season of Friends, then you are A) someone we'd like to hang out with, and B) very familiar with Central Perk. That miraculously huge, fictional coffee shop where working professionals go to spend hours talking about nothing in the middle of the day. It's a place where your favorite couch is always available (except for that one time), and your best friends are always waiting for you.
Central Perk may just be a TV set, but it holds a special place in our hearts. The same goes for Monk's on Seinfeld, the Peach Pit on Beverly Hills, 90210, and, of course, The Max on Saved by the Bell. There are plenty of others we also hold dear, from JJ's Diner and The Planet (fans of The L Word, we know you feel us!) to Breadstix and MacLaren's Pub.
We've pulled together 19 of the TV hangouts we would definitely frequent ourselves, if they existed in our own 'hoods. You'll find some old fictional favorites to stoke your small-screen nostalgia, as well as a few spots you can actually visit IRL. Fun fact: Central Perk has a fan-created Beijing outpost that mirrors the show right down to the tiniest details. Apparently, some dreams really do come true.

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