A Feminist Wedding Magazine Is Finally Here

Photo: Betty Clicker Photography/Catalyst Wedding Company.
Behold, the not-so-average bridal magazine for the not-so-average bride.

This month will mark the launch of Catalyst, an unconventional wedding magazine celebrating diversity, feminism, and, as they put it, "game-changing couples." 

As reported by TIME, it's all the brainchild of "progressive" wedding planner Liz Susong and feminist wedding photographer Carly Romeo. Together the pair are focusing on love stories that break the mold, branding themselves as "wedding space disrupters."

"Catalyst Wedding Magazine 
takes a critical look at weddings without sacrificing visual integrity," the publication's website states. "Catalyst holds the position that there is no such thing as 'the perfect wedding.' The written content is intellectually engaging (sometimes sarcastic), while the visual quality is stunning on the page and features under-represented communities throughout."

"Each issue of Catalyst will feature outside-the-box couples celebrating their love in their own way. We'll share: photo shoots with elements that are actually possible in the real world; interviews with amazing couples who totally nailed the whole wedding thing; tips from mixologists, wedding professionals, moms, and everyone in between; encouragement, affirmation, and occasional snark; profiles of the coolest, most sane wedding vendors in the area; and silly quizzes and horoscopes galore!"

Volume One launches May 15. Ready for that breath of fresh air?

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