Lorde Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her Second Album

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It’s been nearly two years since Lorde’s debut, Pure Heroine, hit sound waves, and while the artist has been busy hanging with celebrity buds and attending "wild beautiful fashawwn" balls over the last few months, there hasn’t been much in the way of news about her sophomore release. Until today, that is.

The “Royals” singer opened up big time in a Tumblr post about what she’s been doing in recent history and the inspiration behind her as yet untitled next record. Apparently, she’s swimming, driving, and being “salty” (a word which may have different connotation in the land down under than it does here). She’s also been having some seriously philosophical conversations with friends about which songs they would send into space to, as she writes, “live on forever.”

“God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys and “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed were both batted around. But, in the end, Lorde’s pick for her space capsule song was Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own.”

“This song, to me, is perfect. It’s happy and sad, fiery and independent but vulnerable and small… We put it on right there in the studio, and i was up out of my seat dancing with my eyes screwed shut, and my hands up around my ears,” she wrote. “I could feel something hot and teary in the back of my throat from FEELING so much at once. I think it was then when i realized i’m going to be in love with music for the rest of my life. It’s going to be the most important friendship i’ll ever have.”

With this kind of glowing praise for the Robyn tune, it’s fair to think that Lorde may be channeling the same mix of dance-ability in gravitas as she moves forward with new songs. Not that she hasn’t managed that already; “Team” is already an anthem along those lines. We'll just have to be patient, though: As of yet, there's no release date for the Grammy-winning artist's second album. 

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