Ashton Kutcher Just Won Mother’s Day With This Incredible Home Makeover

Ashton Kutcher has built a career on being a homebody (witness his couch potato game on That '70s Show or Two and A Half Men), but @aplusk isn't resting on his laurels (or sofa) this Mother's Day. In a new video series from the remodeling and home inspiration site, Houzz, Kutcher secretly renovates the basement of his childhood home in Homestead, Iowa, for his unsuspecting mother.
Using the app, Kutcher finds a local interior designer and sources all new furniture for the space. "The home is like the DNA of a family," says Kutcher in the video. "It is your history and all of these pictures and antiques and things like that are memories. And, being able to put them on display, in a way that they can be shared, that’s where the value is." We'll admit we were a bit skeptical — Kutcher is an investor in Houzz, after all — but then we watched the grand reveal, and, believe it or not, got a lil' bit teary-eyed. The resulting cabin-chic space has bunk beds for the grandkids (a visit from little Wyatt is in order, we presume), a cellar for homemade salsa, and cases for the family's antiques. Kutcher's mother gets so genuinely overwhelmed that at one point he remarks, "Mom, we don't have to cry in every room." Aw, see!? Celebrities: They're just like us. Watch a clip from the episode below and click over to view the rest of the series on Houzz.

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