Justin Timberlake Made The Weirdest Commercial Ever

Photo: Courtesy of Sauza 901.
Claiming that a new version of a product is so far superior that it cuts out the need for its most famous symbiotic pairing is a classic advertising technique. It's also the basis for Sauza 901 tequila's new ad campaign. It's so crisp and clean-tasting that you don't even need to employ a lime — which has long been tequila's trusty sidekick — to consume it. If there's anything we've learned from Justin Timberlake's numerous appearances on Saturday Night Live, though, it's that things tend to get a little weird and take a turn towards the surreal and zany when he's involved. That's exactly what happened here.  According to a spokesperson for the brand, which Timberlake co-owns with tequila giant Sauza, he served as the creative visionary for the campaign. Timberlake also stars in the ad as Rick "Sour" Vane, a lime who was once on top of the world. Everyone wanted him at their parties because he made tequila even better. That was, however, until Sauza 901 came alone. Now, limes like Rick are no longer needed at parties and other events where tequila might be consumed. "THANKS A LOT, SAUZA 901, for ruining these limes' lives," is the gist of the campaign — a cheeky sob story at its finest. Did we mention how absurd Timberlake looks in his lime makeup? His head and face look like the living embodiment of the full moon emoji (albeit lime green), and you almost expect him to break into "Bring it on down to Tequilaville" at any second. That inclination isn't wrong, given that the ads were penned by Paula Pell, a longtime SNL scribe.  Timberlake is going all-in on the aptly timed campaign (Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow). In addition to the full-length video sob story that launched across Sauza 901 social channels and YouTube today, a 30-second version of the ad will air on TV starting tomorrow. Timberlake also tweeted an "apology" video to limes for rendering them unnecessary. Well, when we all get scurvy, we know who to blame.  Seriously, though, Justin Timberlake and his tequila company made the weirdest commercial of our time. Please watch.

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