Kendall Jenner Calls Out People "Who Outright Laughed At Me Behind My Back"

Photo: Courtesy Steven Klein/V Magazine.
We know this may come as a shock to some of you, but the Kardashians aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Kendall Jenner has often been accused of living off her family's name, but the model insists the opposite is true in the latest issue of V Magazine. The 19-year-old says she struggled to get a foothold in the fashion industry because of her reality show roots.

"You have no idea how many doors closed on me and how many adults were either initially reluctant to take a chance working with me or who outright laughed at me behind my back," Jenner told V. "It was kind of hard because all I was doing was going on go-sees, trying my best to break into this business as a teenager. I am so grateful to Marc Jacobs, Riccardo Tisci, Karl Lagerfeld, and Katie Grand, who took a chance on me that first season and gave me an opportunity. My parents taught me that work ethic is one of the most important keys in life, and I believe it.”  

Now, she's posing for Steven Klein for V's ode to denim, flashing her Calvin Klein undies, and sitting on one very underwhelmed Great Dane.

The dog is one of three pooches belonging to Steven Klein, who managed to work them into the shoot.

"They’re huge and one of them even slightly bit my head, that’s how gigantic he was," Jenner says of her costars. "My head’s okay though. All good! Any chance that I can work with animals, I’m in."

All in a day's work. Take that, haters.

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