This Snoop Dogg Instagram Is Fat-Shaming & Objectifying In The Worst Way

A short while ago, the rapper formerly (Or is it currently? Who even knows anymore?) known as Snoop Dogg posted what he probably thinks is a harmless joke on Instagram. The image is clearly screengrabbed from another account. It's a side-by-side comparison of a rotisserie chicken on a spit and a plus-size woman on a pole, most likely in a pole dancing class based on the fact that there are similarly attired people in the background. The caption reads "Nailed it" and is accompanied by two crying laughing emoji. Behold, the image: 

A photo posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Again, Snoop probably thinks this is a harmless joke. He mostly likely views it as a flattering comparison for the woman, who should be grateful to be ogled and desired like a juicy rotisserie chicken. Unfortunately, this isn't the message the image will have for a lot of people. It's both fat-shaming and objectifying all at once. The side-by-side images are comparing the woman's silhouette to that of a rounded rotisserie chicken. It not only reduces her status to that of food,  the way the chicken and the woman are presented on spits/poles creates the comparison that the woman is just a piece of meat. She is at the viewer's mercy, upside down and, like a roasted chicken, helpless. I realize a lot of people will argue that I'm reading too much into this image, but it's repeated exposure to supposedly harmless jokes like this that allows discrimination against larger people and the objectification of women to continue. Imagine being the person in the photo. Suddenly, it's not nailing it in the way Snoop thinks.

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