Vintage Exercise Video From 1940s Will Help You "Look Like A Sea Nymph"

Exercise. Whether you like to hit the treadmill, are a yoga-devotee, a spin-class savant or just someone trying to fit in a few minutes of healthy sweat in between all the busy that fills day-to-day life, fitness is important. As Lena Dunham says, “It ain't about the ass, it's about the brain.”   

But as this rather amazing vintage video from the 1940s showcases, sometimes, it’s also about… “The battle of the bulge!” Or, so says the so-hilarious-it-almost-sounds-fake announcer: “Girls, it seems that after you help to win the war, you’ll still have another battle on your hands, legs and things: The battle of the bulges! And here are some of the latest mechanized things on maneuvers… or rather, women-euvers.”

Rosie the Riveter, apparently it’s time to get out of that factory and into the gym. Because “if you want to look like a sea nymph, you board the streamliner and away you go to health and happiness. It curves you right.” (What?)

If this all sounds a little antiquated to you, don’t worry: “Eve certainly moves with the times … and she’s making sure that her moves will be graceful ones!”

Intrigued, but not sure how to try something like this yourself? Fear not: Passive exercise is still totally a thing! Devices like the Power Plate, a vibrating platform that is supposed to provide everything from “rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments to rehabilitation and therapeutic massage,” are ready and waiting for you to try them. Whether the vibrations help with fitness (or looking like a sea nymph)  remains unclear, according to the Mayo Clinic website, which does acknowledge that “whole-body vibration can offer some fitness and health benefits."

If this has you hankering for more fitness routines from decades past, here are a couple more vintage videos designed to give your physique that va-va-va-voom!  Just remember to heed the announcer, and “Take it easy, honey, the first 100 times are the hardest.”

And don’t forget the guys: Ernie and Hal of the acrobatics club have a few things to show you. 

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