Truck Crash Unleashes Giant "Beenado" — All Your Nightmares Are Real

Photo: Images Group/REX Shutterstock.
A semi truck was en route to a blueberry farm in Washington state this morning when it crashed, dumping its cargo across the road — cargo, in this instance, being 40 million bees! 

A line from a local news report chillingly sums up what happened next: "The bees remained calm at first in the cool morning air, but grew increasingly agitated." Beenado was upon us. 

Firefighters in hazmat suits arrived at the scene, reportedly spraying the bees with cold water in an attempt to get them under control. A few brave citizens witnessed the melee and posted their pictures of the hellscape.

Fortunately, the driver of the truck survived the crash, but the bees were not so lucky: Millions were killed in the cleanup, their bodies left piled on the side of the road. Area beekeepper Seth Smith told the local Fox affiliate that the crash would be a "big blow" to the region's bee community

In other unfortunate news, all your nightmares are real and can come true at any moment.

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