Watch Britney Spears Call Out A Fat-Shaming Fan

Listen up, people. If anyone's going to call Britney Spears a bitch, it's going to be her. And, it's probably going to be in a song — and she's probably talking about you. Still, you've got to show some respect.  This is what happens when you don't heed that warning. According to TMZ, a concertgoer at the pop star's Las Vegas show last night allegedly called her a "fat bitch." Sticks and stones and all, but Spears wasn't about to let the cruel comment slide.  "Fucking asshole," she griped into her microphone before continuing on with her performance. Now, two wrongs don't make a right, kids, but the fat-shamer pretty much had it coming. Then again, said fat-shamer isn't caught on the video clip of the incident (below). Maybe she was just talking about Drake horning in on her Madonna action

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