What Nicolas Cage Thinks Of Your Obsession With His Cry-Face

If you weren't too familiar with Aubrey Peeples before, she's about to be your new favorite person. We spoke with the Nashville actress about the show's upcoming April 15 finale. But, we got to talking about her other roles, too. In 2014, Peeples played Nicolas Cage's daughter in Rage.  She said that the first scene she did with him for this movie was when he was crying over her dead body. So, we had to know: Is Cage's in-real-life cry face as epic as we all believe it to be? Or, is the Internet just running away with its imagination? "It's definitely epic. It was incredible to watch him. He's such an incredible actor," she told Refinery29. "So, it wasn't so awkward having an Academy Award-winning actor crying on me. It was just a crazy, surreal moment."  But, don't get it twisted. Cage is 100% in on your Internet jokes about him. "He totally knows what people say about him. His phone case is actually a bunch of pictures of like fan art of him crying and his most extreme expressions. He got it for like $10 on eBay from some fan. And he was like, 'Yeah, they probably have no idea who bought this.'" Now that we know Cage supports our love of his expressions, there's only one question remaining: Will he contribute to the Kickstarter to create the world's largest mosaic, made entirely of his face? You can check out the rest of Peeples' incredible interview with R29 on Wednesday, April 15.

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