Lily James Upset Fans With This Instagram

Bibbidi-bobbedi...BOO. Cinderella star Lily James is in the hot seat after sharing an Instagram photo that many fans have construed as racist. James, who has been promoting the Disney film in Japan, referred to its title as "Shinderera," causing offense among some of her followers, who took it to be a reference to Asian fans.  Here's the post that got a lot of people fired up:
Fans seemed divided on whether the "Shinderera" reference was a not very princess-like joke, or if the British actress was simply using a romanized spelling of "Cinderella." The heroine is actually referred to by that name in Japan, so it's likely James was using what she thought was an innocent term. Where's a fairy godmother who is well-versed in social media when you need one? What's more worrying is the fact that some fans commented on the post laughing at what they assumed to be James' un-PC joke. That's not exactly true to Cinders' motto, "Have courage, and be kind," folks. 

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