Bona Fide Hottie Neville Longbottom Poses For Attitude Magazine

You remember Neville Longbottom, right? He was that kid at Hogwarts that was always clinging to the bottom of the class, possibly blowing up a frog or 20 in Potions class. At first, it was most unclear how he got sorted into Gryffindor; perhaps the Sorting Hat had made its first mistake ever. As time went on, however, Neville proved his mettle and became an invaluable part of the Harry Potter gang. That's not the only thing that happened as time went on, though. Somewhere along the way, Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom, became a bona fide hottie. We've detailed his transformation before. In March, we celebrated Lewis' choice to make his Instagram account public. It proved to be a bounty of beautiful images of the confident and all-grown-up actor. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, too. Yesterday, Lewis shared a picture of himself on the set of a photoshoot for Attitude, which calls itself "the U.K.'s best-selling gay magazine."  Are you ready? It's about to get simultaneously hot AND cold in here.

Bit cold in the studio today... @attitudemag #photoshoot

A photo posted by Matt Lewis (@realmattdavelewis) on

I'll just leave that right there. You all have a great day now.

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