Malia Obama Got Driving Lessons From The Secret Service

Photo: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images.
One of the best parts about being the president's kid must be having a bunch of Secret Service agents at your disposal. Case in point: The Obamas' teenage daughter, Malia, who'll be turning 17 this July, got driving lessons not from her parents but from members of the agency.  In an interview with Rachael Ray that will air this Thursday, Michelle Obama revealed that she wasn't allowed to teach her daughter Malia to drive, CNN reports. "They wouldn't let me in the car with her." But, the First Family is making every effort to ensure both of their daughters have as normal an upbringing as possible, so they enlisted the Secret Service to help with that most classic teenage rite of passage: driving lessons. "I think [driving] gives her a sense of normalcy, like the rest of her friends are doing. And my kids have got to learn how to live in the world like normal kids," Michelle Obama said. The First Lady also talked about what she misses most about being a civilian: getting to drive around in a car with the windows open. Apparently, when you're one of the most prominent women in the world, security concerns call for rolled up windows. She also hasn't been behind the wheel for seven years, since her family hit the national stage. There are no reports on whether Malia got ordinary "here's how you parallel park" driving lessons, or some sort of top-level "how to lose a bad guy" course. But, if our research is any indication (i.e. watching the 1996 Sinbad classic First Kid), it was the latter.

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