Walmart Sells Guns, But Thinks This Woman’s Book Is Too Violent?

Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images.
Walmart has no problem stocking Chris Brown albums and selling pink guns, but could a memoir by the most famous female MMA fighter be too much for the chain? Maybe. According to a story in the New York Post, Walmart won't stock Ronda Rousey's upcoming book, My Fight/Your Fight, because the retail giant thinks her story is too violent. Rousey is an Olympic medalist, an undefeated UFC fighter, and a rising action-movie star who appears in Furious 7.  She's a pioneering figure in mixed martial arts, with a long record of dominating opponents; she recently made an appearance at a WWE event with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Both the book's publisher, Judith Regan, and Rousey's co-author (and sister-in-law, Maria Burns Ortiz) have sharply criticized the news. 
A spokesperson from Walmart said that it is true that the book won't be sitting on store shelves when it is released, but customers can order it online and then pick up their copies at a store if they choose. The book is listed as available for pre-order on Walmart's website. "There are a variety of factors that we look at when determining what items to offer our customers," Danit Marquardt told Refinery29. "At this point, we’ve chosen to offer this particular title to our customers online."

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