Justin Bieber's Album Was Inspired By Selena Gomez Split

Photo: Peter Brooker/Rex/REX USA.
Selena Gomez seriously needs to start charging royalties. Not only did she inspire most of the jokes at Justin Bieber's Comedy Central roast, but she appears to be the driving force behind his next album, too.

"I think a lot of my inspiration comes from [Selena]," Bieber recently admitted to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. "It was a long relationship that created heartbreak and created happiness and a lot of different emotions that I wanted to write about. There’s a lot of that on this album."

Perhaps it's only fair. Gomez, who is now making music with Zedd, also mined her and Bieber's on-off relationship for material. Hello, "The Heart Wants What It Wants."

On a positive note, the single Bieber told Seacrest he's hanging out with a more supportive crew these days. 

"You are who you surround yourself with," he opined. "When people are bringing in garbage and negativity, you start picking up that energy. Now I’m surrounded by a lot of people who are pouring into my life, refueling my engine. When I get empty they’re there to just be like, ‘No, I’m going to encourage you to be better and to push on.’ I think that’s what you have to be surrounded with, especially in this industry."

Gosh. Our little guy is growing up. (Us Weekly)

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