10 Times Kristen Stewart Was So Over Hollywood

Wouldn't it be so insufferably boring if every young actress flashed the same sweet smile, gave the same meaningless quotes, and nodded at the same silly things? Being pleasant and playing by the book is fine and all, but it's refreshing to see a star with a bit more bite. A rebel with serious box office bank, a young woman who doesn't mind being brutally honest when it suits her. Kristen Stewart, we salute you.
Lo and behold, the actress is turning 25 years old today. She doesn't seem like the type to go in for balloon bouquets or cupcakes doused in sprinkles, so we thought we'd instead pay tribute to some of her most so-over-it, deal-with-it statements about the industry. She's like a modern-day Holden Caulfield, calling out phonies and ripping the paparazzi and media into shreds at any opportunity. She is not rainbows and sunshine; she's herself, and unapologetic about being so. She's the queen of the mopey soundbite, and that's really why we like her so much.
Don't ever change, KStew. Hollywood can handle it. 

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