Paris Hilton Says She “Inspired” Kim Kardashian

Apparently, we have Paris Hilton to thank for the spectacle that is Kim Kardashian. Should we all chip in and send her a big thank you card? Or just wait for Kris Jenner and Kanye West to stake their own claims?  In an interview with Yahoo Style, the OG heiress-with-a-sex-tape-turned-pop-culture-icon (that's Hilton, by the way) took credit for her former pal's success. Fun fact: Kardashian worked as a personal assistant to Hilton before fame came calling. “It’s nice to inspire people,” Hilton said. “We’ve known each other since we were little girls, we’ve always been friends. So, yeah, I’m really proud of her and what she’s done." Ha. It's like the reality TV version of All About Eve. Or Gretchen Wieners finally making "fetch" happen and Regina George patting herself on the back. Then again, it's hard to argue that these two aren't cut from the same cloth. “I feel like I was basically born a brand," Hilton told Joe Zee. "At a very young age I decided I wanted to be the Paris Hilton brand.”    And...we just decided we want to be the never-letting-our-future-kids-near-a-camera brand.

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