Elizabeth Banks Rates Paul Rudd’s Kissing

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Elizabeth Banks may just be the happiest person on the planet. She's all smiles and laughter. (After my first interview question, she laughed and said, "You're so serious!") It's no wonder, then, that her partnership with American Greetings' ThankList feels so natural. The program aims to remind people to think about things they can be grateful for every day.  But, since Banks is one of the raddest women we can think of, we also got to talking about her upcoming work in Wet Hot American Summer and Magic Mike XXL, the best advice other female celebrities have given her, and, well, how good a kisser Paul Rudd is.
How did you get involved with ThankList?
"Really what hooked me was seeing Barbara Kopple's films she made on behalf of American Greetings. The films follow five people as they find someone they needed to thank for shaping their life. They're extremely moving — like break-out-the-tissues moving. It really got me thinking about gratitude in my own life and the whole idea of an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis. I love that message of connectivity and positivity and knew that I felt grateful for my life." Who's on your ThankList?
"I like to tell everyone that your ThankList should probably start with your mom. As a mom, I can tell you that no mom feels she gets thanked enough. My ThankList is mom, dad, husband, children. Those are the people who shape me the most. What I like about this program is that it encourages you to go deeper and really think about who was there in the moments when you were at a crossroads or when you needed support, help, or encouragement — or a liver. There are big moments and little moments. When you're in those big moments, it's really easy to feel grateful. It's easy to thank your parents on your wedding day for paying for the wedding. It's hard to thank your parents for little things, like thanks for talking to me about something important or listening to me when I needed to talk, those little moments from your childhood. ThankList encourages you to think about it." What's something you were thankful for today?
"I got to see my friend Daniella. I'm so thankful for her friendship. She works here in New York, so I never get to see her. I had a women's weekend, got to see a lot of my girlfriends." Speaking of girlfriends, what's the best advice another female celebrity has ever given you?
"I don't think I should say who it's from, because I don't have her exact words. It's more like a general feeling. But, an Academy Award-nominated actress told me a while ago to make sure I had a career in which...she basically said I had to fight against being profoundly bored in your work and in your life." What's interesting about your acting is that you seem to always have such natural chemistry with your co-star, no matter who it is. How do you do that?
"I don't always, but I most of the time have great chemistry with co-stars. You know, I'm a really open, energetic, upbeat person, and I think that draws other people to you. I'm also really not judgmental. I try to give everybody a break on a daily basis. I don't know your shit and what you're going through. I think people respond to that." What can you tell us about your role in Magic Mike XXL?
"The guys are on a road trip to a convention, and I run the convention. I'm the boss bitch." Who's the best dancer?
"Channing. He's ridiculous. But, he would say Twitch. It would be a real showdown between them." You're working on the remake of Wet Hot American Summer. Can you tell us any fun stories from filming?
"I will tell you that I do not make out with Paul Rudd's character, but I do make out with another character. I will not say who, or even if they’re male or female. I have a long career of making out with just anybody." Is Paul Rudd a good kisser?
"Of course. Lovely and soft. You can quote that."

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