Emma Bunton Hints At Spice Girls Reunion ‘Cause Friendship Never Ends

I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. I really want this Spice Girls news to be true. Emma Bunton (a.k.a. Baby Spice) recently spoke to England's Daily Star and hinted strongly at a Spice Girl's reunion. It's the group's 20th anniversary and, as we all know, friendship never ends. This means that, despite going their separate ways for solo careers and forays into the fashion world, the Brit clique would be more than happy to reunite to celebrate 20 years of girl power. "I was with Geri and Mel B just recently; we love each other and we love performing together," Bunton told the Daily Star. "It's just when the timing is right because we all have our own careers now and we have families. It's just about getting five schedules together, and that's all it is." Even if they can't get together for a reunion, we can still look forward to some new Spice Girls material. Bunton said that there's actually a ton of lost tracks laying around. "We recorded lots and lots and lots of songs."  If there are some unreleased jams along the lines of "Wannabe," "Spice Up Your Life," and "Say You'll Be There" just idling somewhere on the shelves of a recording studio, the world needs to hear them ASAP. This is not a drill. We don't joke around when it comes to girl power.  We will, however, pass on Spice World 2. Some things just don't need a sequel or reunion. (Daily Star)

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