Watch Colorblind People See A Sunset For The First Time

Photo: Geoffrey Swaine/REX USA.
Colorblindness is often tossed off in a jokey, "I-can’t-tell-my-navy-socks-from-my-black-ones" kind of way — like it’s a minor quirk that mostly leads to badly matched outfits. But, there may be more meaning attached to seeing color, and this video shows it.  EnChroma, a company that creates specialized glasses for colorblind people, partnered with Valspar Paint to show off how its invention impacts the lives of everyday people. The glasses work as a kind of filter, shifting light to better differentiate between colors. As one of the subjects of the video says, “Color is an amazing experience that I think people probably take for granted.”  Warning: What follows may make you a little teary, but it’s definitely worth it. If nothing else, it might encourage you to stop taking the little things for granted.

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