Emmy Rossum Has The Funniest Story About New Neighbor Justin Bieber

Photo: Jim Smeal/BeImages.
There goes the neighborhood. In a story that probably should have made it into the Comedy Central Justin Bieber roast, Shameless star Emmy Rossum has revealed that the Canadian pop star is her new neighbor. Apparently, living next to the Biebs is pretty much what you'd expect it to be like. Rossum joked about the "surreal" experience on SiriusXM's Sway in the Morning.  "Justin Bieber just moved into the house next door to me,” the Beverly Hills resident shared. "He’s my new next door neighbor, and I went over to offer him a neighborly hello, and I’m not going to do that anymore. He has a ton of bodyguards there and they’re really scary.” The actress has yet to be egged, but there does seem to be a noise pollution issue brewing.  "He [Bieber] pulled up in his Bentley and then went inside," she revealed about the Zac Efron to her Seth Rogen, the Homer Simpson to her Ned Flanders. "He was actually rapping as he got out of the car. He was like, ‘Ball so hard motherf—kers wanna’…and I was like, yup, Justin Bieber is my neighbor, that’s cool.” Sorry, Biebs, but we can only handle one Canadian rapper at a time, and that's clearly Drake. Rossum joked that she won't be dropping by to "ask for a cup of sugar" and she's "too old" for a house party, but some good must come of this. Now would be a good time to start dating Orlando Bloom. Maybe blast some Selena and Zedd at your next backyard barbecue? Have the Neighborhood Watch camp out on his lawn?  So many possibilities...

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