Campaign To Elect Bill For First Lady 2016 Is In Full Swing

Photo: Calum Robertson/Newspix/REX.
Sick of waiting for Hillary to declare? Here's Bill Clinton in a dress — just to tide you over. The Bill for First Lady 2016 campaign puts a bobble-head version the former POTUS in a pair of heels as part of a larger message about why HRC belongs in the Oval Office. The promotional video, below, also stars little girls in American-flag leggings explaining why they believe Hillary needs to run.  “Bill for First Lady is just a funny way of saying ‘Hillary for President,’” says the campaign's manager, Luke Montgomery. So far, the life-size Bill Clinton bobble-head has been on tour in several cities across the U.S. “People would look at it and at first think, What is that? Then, it clicks, and a big smile comes across their faces. And then, of course, they want to take selfies with it.” The tone of the campaign is intentionally light, and Montgomery says that the team behind it hopes to draw in voters who are sick of negativity among candidates. “It’s our way of kind of putting a little more party in our political party,” he explains. The campaign's site has a robust merchandise section that will allow Clinton fans to wear their support on their sleeves, as well as a downloadable coloring book called The Amazing Adventures of White House Wonder Woman: President Hillary.  While there's certainly humor in the way the campaign presents itself, at its core is a very serious call to action: “Having a woman as the most powerful person on the planet — the time has come,” says Montgomery. He adds that Hillary — with her experience, credentials, and track record — is the right woman for the job.  As for Bill’s potential role, it’s not like being the First Lady (or even the very first First Fella) is a figurehead position. Michelle Obama has accomplished a lot since 2008, and we can’t imagine Bill would be a slouch. It might be necessary to reconsider the acronym, though — FMOTUS doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same way FLOTUS does. But, that’s something we can deal with once the official bid actually arrives.

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