Eva Mendes On How She Keeps Ryan Gosling Happy

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We are gathered here today to discuss an extremely retrogressive interview. Just wanted to put that disclaimer up front. Even though she's maybe (hopefully) joking, what Eva Mendes said about keeping her relationship with Ryan Gosling interesting is some straight-up tired sitcom and movie trope shite. During a recent interview with Extra, AJ Calloway asked Mendes how she keeps "Hollywood's hottest leading man happy at home." What is that question? Does anyone ask Ryan Gosling how he keeps Eva Mendes happy at home? It's 2015, and someone basically asked Eva Mendes "What do you do to keep your man from leaving you?"  I really wish she had refused to answer the question, but nope. Mendes replied, "You can't do sweatpants...ladies, number one cause of divorce in America: sweatpants, no!"  Now, I'm not a divorce lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that when people cite "irreconcilable differences" as their reason for separating, those differences aren't entirely sweatpant-based. What is wrong with loosely fitted bottoms? If you feel best in sweatpants, that mood will translate to your partner. If you prefer other garments, that's fine, too. Let's not fault comfortable clothes here.  In conclusion, I just really like sweatpants and would hope that Ryan "Hey, girl" Gosling wouldn't find a love of them as grounds for ending a relationship. Also, let's stop asking anyone what they do to keep their partner happy. (Extra) Read these stories next:
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